Parents’ Guide to the Music Learning Center Student Recitals

Recitals provide a unique way to educate students and the audience alike in the art of making music. They are an integral part of the learning process, and while participation is not required, every student is encouraged to do so. Since the Music Learning Center holds three recitals each school year, there are opportunities for students to perform in the recital(s) that best fits their preparation and schedule. The fall (November) and spring (June) recital series are open to all students to perform. The Student Showcase (March) is for our intermediate and advanced students as well as student and teacher duos and ensembles. Students who have chosen not to perform are certainly welcome to attend. The MLC Student Recitals are also open to the public and there is no admission fee.
Instructors work with students to choose appropriate repertoire. The actual sign-up process begins approximately eight weeks prior to the recital weekend. This is when you will see flyers posted.
For the majority of students, preparation is accomplished by regular lesson attendance and consistent practice between those lessons. Live accompaniment for vocal and instrumental students is part of the learning process. Instructors may require someone other than themselves to perform with these students. If that is the case, either you or the instructor may sign up the student for an accompanist. This is done with the office staff. We will then email you details regarding fees and scheduling a rehearsal with the accompanist.
Approximately three to four weeks prior to the recital weekend, an MLC Newsletter will announce the recital sections that the instructors have been assigned, plus sound check times and other important information about the recital. If your family has an unresolvable conflict with your section assignment, you may contact the MLC office. We will do our best to accommodate you. Please note: your instructor will only be present at the recital section that the student was originally assigned to. Also, if the student is being accompanied by their teacher or MLC's accompanist, then the student will need to attend their originally assigned recital section.
Students are asked to arrive at the Danbury Music Centre 15 minutes before the recital section is due to begin – unless a sound check is required. The section will begin promptly at the scheduled time. Seating is arranged for students to sit with their instructors, off to one side. This gives the audience the best seats in the house! Your focused attention for all performances within your section is greatly appreciated. Parents who choose to bring infants and children up to the age of four are asked to be considerate of the performers and their guests. Each recital section is programmed to run approximately 60-75 minutes long. A reception follows each recital.

The Marion Anderson Recital Hall….at….
The Danbury Music Centre
256 Main Street, Danbury CT

Parking: The Charles Bardo Garage on Library Place, directly behind the Danbury Music Centre. Parking spaces may also be found on Main Street (metered parking Mon. – Sat. during posted hours)

Suggested Student Attire: Neat casual (no Jeans please) or Semi-Formal.